Centre for Research in
Family Health

Research Projects

Using 90SecondHealth Anxiety health letters and THIS WAY UP iCBT to improve health anxiety 

Goal-Based Outcome Monitoring

"Where do you want to go?": Developing practice principles for inclusive goal-based outcome monitoring with youth 

Generating Resilience on our way to Integrated Youth Service(GROW-IYS)

IYS Network for Nova Scotia

Telehealth-delivered Written Exposure Therapy for teenagers with PTSD: A feasibility study 

A Survey of Ukrainian Youth in Canada displaced by the Russian Invasion 

Exposure to racial discrimination and mental health outcomes - A survey 

An intervention to reduce exposure to carcinogens for volunteer fire departments

An e-Health intervention to improve the well being of parents of children with developmental disabilities

Support for caregivers of Acquired Brain Injury survivors

Developing eHealth applications that can be prescribed by family doctors

Parents empowering neurodiverse kids

1-on-1 Narrative Exposure Therapy delivered online

Improving parent/patient recall and comprehension of discharge instructions by making better use of communication technologies

Using e-Health to assist the transition from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services to Adult Mental Health Services

Digital, Inclusive, Virtual, and Equitable Research Training in Mental Health Platform

Past Research

DoNamic is a web-based application for behaviour changes in your everyday life to improve mood

Testing of a sustainable text-messaging service for parents of children scheduled for tonsillectomy

Discover migraine triggers,  learn and practice skills to manage and reduce them 

Team in Access to Children’s Mental Health Services

A five phase program of research that is designed to change the way children’s mental health waiting lists are managed across Canada.


Strong Starts Healthier Futures Together (SSHFT)

Neonatal education & caregiving support: Development of a distance intervention for premature infants and their families.


Strongest Families – Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)

Developing an Internet-based intervention program for parents/guardians of children with FASD between the ages of 4-12 years.


Strongest Families – Anxiety

Developing a web-based program to assist parents in helping the anxious child: A public health approach for prevention and early intervention.


Strongest Families Ontario (SFO)

Delivering intervention for pediatric behaviour problems at a distance: A randomized trial


Strongest Families Finland-Canada (SFFC)

A cost-effective, family-based, prevention and treatment program of early childhood behaviour problems: A Finland-Canada collaboration.


Anxious Youth in the Emergency Department (Breathe)

Produce and test Breathe, a web-based treatment for youth with anxiety problems that they can access from home after an emergency department visit.


Painful Procedures in the Emergency Department

Does a Formal Program of Distraction Techniques for Parents and Children Reduce Pain and Anxiety in Children?


Pain in Infants at Risk for Neurological Impairment (PINI)

Phase III in a Comprehensive Study of Pain in the Most Highly Vulnerable Newborns.