Centre for Research in
Family Health

Dedicated to improving lives with evidence-based support and education programs. 

An intervention to reduce exposure to carcinogens for volunteer fire departments

An e-Health intervention to improve the well being of parents of children with developmental disabilities

Support for caregivers of Acquired Brain Injury survivors

Developing eHealth applications that can be prescribed by family doctors

Parents empowering neurodiverse kids

1-on-1 Narrative Exposure Therapy for PTSD delivered online

Improving parent/patient recall and comprehension of discharge instructions by making better use of communication technologies 

Using e-Health to assist the transition from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services to Adult Mental Health Services

Digital, Inclusive, Virtual, and Equitable Research Training in Mental Health Platform

Some of our research partners

Helping patients and families navigate their care.

Provides evidence-based mental health services for children and families.

Making the future brighter for children with brain-based developmental disabilities

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